VOICEROOM is A powerful business tool for conference calling, distance training and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Meet your friends, family and business associates in your own website voice room, unlike other voice rooms the quality is crystal clear even on a modem!

Unlike most voice room applets, the YnotCallMe voice room operates from within a web browser and there are no large downloads. Just visit the page and click 'yes' when asked if you'd like to install the applet. This allows you to go from website to website while talking in your private Voice room. Great for training and games. (Active X must be activated)



Sample of a VoiceRoom Screen


Key Features

  • Members receive 25 person,50 person and 100 person rooms depending on Pack purchased.
  • Password protected for your privacy.
  • Branded YNotCallMe
  • Moderated Rooms Available
    - Silence participants
    - Raise hand to speak
    - Unauthorised or disruptive participants can be removed by the moderator from the room.
  • One way live streaming video webcast soon available with our talking video solution.
  • Superior sound quality
  • Worldwide access from ANY web browser
  • Modems or broadband work great.
  • Text correspondence in private or broadcast in running commentary. Save the file.
  • Multimedia presentation tool to enhance training or distance learning applications
  • Ask to use the Presentation VPPConf Voicerooms for special presentations! Ask Us!
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