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Best Use
- Mobile Users with SMS equipped phones

- Initiate calls to any telephone Can be used from many locations worldwide

- Easy-to-use commands
- Dial using names stored in your personal directory - View call detail and billing information - after every call
- Check rates before making a call
- Add billing codes to segregate calls

Minimum Requirements:
- You must be enrolled as a registered User
- You can use any SMS device operating over the GSM network
- Your service provider must support sending text messages outside your service area

Now, you can initiate inexpensive long-distance calls from your SMS equipped cell phone. This patent-pending technology uses simple text commands sent via SMS to initiate a long distance call over our low-cost long distance network, not your providers. In addition, you can direct long distance calls to other phones, such as your home, office or hotel phone. SMS Call works over any GSM network.

SMS Call has many convenient features, never before available to mobile phone users. Your phone directory resides on our server so you can access your personal numbers from anywhere. In addition, you can check long-distance rates, return call detail and get billing information real time.

No other service offers all these benefits:
  • Low-cost long distance anytime, from most SMS networks (see restriction above)
  • Billing is in 6 second increments - after the first minute
  • No monthly fees, surcharges or hidden charges
  • Keep your existing long distance provider
  • Call segregation by Bill Codes
  • Individual User call detail
  • Unified billing - multiple users can operate under a single account
  • Account administrator can enable or disable service at will
  • Single currency form of payment ($USD) regardless of location

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