Desktop Call is a free downloadable software program based on the Company's patented phone-to-phone long distance technology. Unlike the Web Call product, a web-browser is not required to launch calls. Only a PC running the application on the desktop and a telephone is required. As with Web Call, you talk over your telephone, not your PC. Therefore, no special hardware is required. Making calls is ultra-fast, since you do not have to wait for web pages to load.
WEB Call
make low-cost phone calls. Unlike typical VoIP services, you talk over your telephone, not your PC. Therefore, no special hardware or software is required. WebCall can be used anywhere an Internet connection is available. This service is ideal for private use and works within any environment.
Web Conference Call is a simple, easy to use conference calling service that can be used from any phone, anywhere. Unlike traditional conference services, no operator or special phone systems are required. Making a Conference Call is simple - enter a number and click dial. Repeat for additional parties. This conference service has a scheduling feature that allows you to initiate a call in advance. At the specified time, the system will automatically dial and connect all participants.
SMS Call
Now, you can initiate inexpensive long-distance calls from your SMS equipped cell phone. This patent-pending technology uses simple text commands sent via SMS to initiate a long distance call over our low-cost long distance network, not your providers. In addition, you can direct long distance calls to other phones, such as your home, office or hotel phone. SMS Call works over any GSM network.
Voice Rooms

Meet your friends, family and business associates in your own website voice room, unlike other voice rooms the quality is crystal clear even on a modem! Unlike most voice room applets, the YnotCallMe voice room operates from within a web browser and there are no large downloads. Just visit the page and click 'yes' when asked if you'd like to install the applet. This allows you to go from website to website while talking in your private Voice room. Great for training and games. (Active X must be activated)

Virtual PABX

On demand VoIP communications with ONLINE Voice Room VoIP conference, extension directory , firewall penetration and PC presence based follow-me.

Callme Button
This service is pure fun. Using CallMe Button you can design your own contact button that can be used in a number of different ways. You can also setup a schedule so that the people who click on your button can connect with you wherever you are or be told that you are not taking calls at that time.
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