ReSeller Opportunity

may be a NEW ADVENTURE, but the technology we provide is tried, proven, patented and has been faultlessly delivered over the past 6 years to hundreds of thousands of users world-wide by our Telco Partners.

We invite YOU to join YOUR Virtual Franchise in Personal Communications and reach out for that better lifestyle.

We promise... The products are GREAT! You will love using them! Mobile/Cell Products, Standard calls using the handsets in your office, home, ANYWHERE! Make money while saving money on your communication products.
We promise... We will protect you and your team from fraudulent activity that damages your earning power.
We promise... An open transparent Company.
We promise... To respect your right to communicate with the whole of your team.
We promise... To work to breakdown as many language barriers as possible to Allow a true Global experience of working together.
We promise... Payday will happen weekly and be available at any ATM globally.

YNOT join us on this exciting New Adventure. Check out the available packages and compensation plan.
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