Douglas McCoy - Director

Douglas is a highly successful business Entrepreneur. Doug is adding the Marketing star to YnotCallMe. Enthusiasm and energy are ever present in this dynamic achiever. Principle of the Australian Success Academy, Doug lives what he teaches and will be placing his wide range of marketing skills to the YnotCallMe marketing plan for all our members. A great recruiter, Doug has produced a marketing and recruiting handbook for the Newbie's that will be published and distributed soon after we are all BUZZED out! Also always available to our members!
Jim Myers bus. dip - Director

Jim hales from Kelowna Canada and is a highly experienced Marketer. Jim is actively involved in Community support such as Youth Groups and football teams. A team player, Jim has been very successful in mentoring others on the road to success. Jims' wife Sherry has been by his side while building one of the largest Network Marketing Teams in Canadian history. Jim will guide our group through all the levels from BUZZ to Reality! You will find total honesty and helpfulness from our Very top person. Always available to you our members.
Bridget Bryant - Director

Bridget is the quiet Director. Involved in VoIP Telephony and Internet services for many years, Bridget adds the technology link to the many services available to our team. Born and educated in the USA, living now in Australia, Bridget has had the best of both worlds of technology. (Working in the fast pace and ever advancing Pacific Rim. then harnessing years of contacts to the USA technology pool of talent.) As Director her job will be to keep YNotCallMe ahead of the pack and on steady proven ground with the best services the world has to offer. Unfortunately, not always available to members, but you can always ask questions through email.. you will definitely get a reply or personal phone call!( Members are already keeping BB very busy.."perfect" .)

Support Team

Bruce Fozzard
Chirag Balani
Laszlo Csabi

Watch this space for pics of our Directors, and a full run down on the support and technical staff!

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