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DeskTop Call can be configured to dial from your MS OutlookTM Directory

Minimum Requirements

- Internet Connection
- Windows 95, 98, ME, NT/2000
- Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002
(for Directory dialing / import feature)

Note: The directory import feature is not campatible with Outlook if it is configured as Workgroups, please see FAQs included with the desktop call program for additional information.


- Easy-to-use graphical interface
- Built-in phone directory
- Import phone numbers from Microsoft Outlook™
- Dial phone numbers directly from Microsoft Outlook™
- Phone directory can be synchronized with Web Call
- Add billing codes to every call (viewable online only)
- Download call detail and information billing
- No browser required only an IP connection (LAN, Cable, Dial-up)
- Automatic disconnect / reconnect - for dialup users
- Proxy server configuration allows use with internal firewalls

Best Use

- Users with slow Internet Connections
- Users with restricted Internet access or firewall protection


- Application does not require a web-browser for use
- Quickly launch calls without waiting for web pages to load
- Integration with Microsoft Outlook for using existing contact phone numbers
- Easily configured for use with a proxy server
- Software available for free


Desktop Call is a free downloadable software program based on the Company's patented phone-to-phone long distance technology. Unlike the Web Call product, a web-browser is not required to launch calls. Only a PC running the application on the desktop and a telephone is required. As with Web Call, this is not a VoIP service, you talk over your telephone, not your PC. Therefore, no special hardware is required. Making calls is ultra-fast, since you do not have to wait for web pages to load. As a result, Desktop Call is ideal for Users with slow Internet connections. LAN users with either Internet or firewall restrictions may use Desktop Call which can be configured for use with a proxy server.

The built-in directory is integrated with Microsoft Outlook,™ allowing you to import phone numbers stored in Contacts.** As an added convenience, you can actually dial a number directly from Outlook™. The Desktop Call software automatically configures phone numbers for correct dialing format, and shows labels for multiple phone-numbers within a single contact. As an added convenience, you can now look-up rates, view billing, payment and call detail information without having to use a web-browser.

** Note: Version 3.0 does not support name and number import features for MS Outlook setup as Workgroups.

Example of Desktop Call Set-Up

No other service offers all these benefits:

- Low-cost long distance anytime, from anywhere
- Volume rate advantage offered to all subscribers
- No software to download, no hardware to configure
- Speak over your existing telephone, not your PC
- Billing is in 6 second increments - after the first minute
- No monthly fees, surcharges or hidden charges
- Keep your existing long distance provider
- Call segregation by Bill Codes
- Individual User call detail
- Unified billing - multiple offices (world-wide) can operate under a single account
- Account administrator can add / delete Users at will
- Single currency form of payment ($USD) regardless of location


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