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Sample of Web Conference Screen

Best Use

- Any domestic or international conferencing
- Small to medium size groups
(3 - 20 locations)


- No special phone required
- Conferences can be launched from anywhere
- office, home or while traveling
- Operator intervention not required
- Service available 24x7

** Note:
You must use the DesktopCall product to import numbers and sync to the web


- Point and click dialing
- Schedule feature for automatic dialing at a pre-set time
- Real-time call status
- shows connection status of all parties
- Online Directories
- Selectively add and disconnect parties
- Edit calls that are scheduled
- Billing Codes
- Real-time call detail
- Export statements to Word or Excel
- Password Protection

Minimum Requirements:

- Internet Connection
- Internet Explorer 4.0+ or Netscape Navigator 4.0+
- Modem speed of 28.8+ recommended

Web Conference Call is a simple, easy to use conference calling service that can be used from any phone, anywhere. Unlike traditional conference services, no operator or special phone systems are required. Making a Conference Call is simple - enter a number and click dial. Repeat for additional parties. This conference service has a scheduling feature that allows you to initiate a call in advance. At the specified time, the system will automatically dial and connect all participants. This feature is especially convenient if you need to setup a conference call while away from your office, such as when you are in a car or traveling. As with Web Call, this service is ideal for business use, and works with any business phone system including operator assisted or auto-attendant types.

Example of Web Conference Call Set-Up

No other service offers all these benefits:

- Low-cost long distance anytime, from anywhere
- Volume rate advantage offered to all subscribers
- No software to download, no hardware to configure
- Speak over your existing telephone, not your PC
- Billing is in 6 second increments - after the first minute
- No monthly fees, surcharges or hidden charges
- Keep your existing long distance provider
- Call segregation by Bill Codes
- Individual User call detail
- Unified billing - multiple offices (world-wide) can operate under a single account
- Account administrator can add / delete Users at will
- Single currency form of payment ($USD) regardless of location

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