Compensation Plan

How the YNCM(YNotCallMe) Weekly Commissions is calculated:
Each individual will have a left side and a right side to their Compensation structure.
As both legs begin to build, points will begin to accumulate and each person will get a commission based on the number of points in each leg. Each step is based on 900 points which pays out $100.00 USD. The points are calculated on a 1/3, 2/3 split (600 pts. on one side & 300 Pts. on the other) which makes it easier for you the member to achieve a higher payout than Binary plans based on an even or 50/50 split.


Left side
300 Pts.
Right side
600 Pts.


Every $1.00 USD of purchased Services is = 1 Pt.
$20.00 = 20 Pts.
$40.00 = 40 Pts.
$60.00 = 60 Pts. etc.

Once you have acquired 900 points in your
Group Volume you will get paid $100.00USD
900 Points = $100.00 USD
The 900 Points must be accumulated as a 1/3, 2/3 split in the
Binary Compensation Plan.

Example of Service:
CP: Consultant Package $99.00 = 100 Pts.
EP: Executive Package $299.00 = 300 Pts.
PRES: Presidential Package $999.00 = 1000 Pts.
Purchase or recharge of $25.00 USD of Pre Paid air time = 25 Pts.
Purchase or recharge of $75.00 USD of Pre Paid air time = 75 Pts.

Personally sponsor 2 People who purchase a package and are financial to qualify for commissions. You must also be Financial.

Sales remain in your commission bank for the whole year.
Sales that accumulate do not flush or wash to the Company your points will be "banked" for you, As you build and achieve the minimum 1/3 2/3 split your "banked " points will be applied for commission payouts.. This applies if you are qualified and financial.


Every member who has purchased a package is required to pay for an autorecharge monthly.


This is strictly airtime for your use. No fees to the Company.
Autorecharge is based on the number of Business Centers you have purchased. Each business Center attracts a $25.00 autorecharge. So $99.00 Communications Package attracts a $25.00 autorecharge. All other Packages are 3 Business Centers and attract $75.00 Autorecharge

Each BOP (Business Opportunity Package) sold will create a Fast Start Training Bonus for the individual who directly made the sale. These Bonuses will be paid out weekly:
Communication Package = $10.00
Executive Package = $20.00
Presidential Package = $200.00

Matching Bonuses and Titles

Sponsor 15 = 5% Matching Bonus on all personally sponsored
Title: Executice Member

Sponsor 30 = 10% Matching Bonus on all personally sponsored
Title: Ambassador Member

Sponsor 45 = 20% Matching Bonus on all personally sponsored
Title: Presidential

Sponsor 45 in 30 days = 30% Matching Bonus on all personally sponsored
Title:Gold Presidential

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