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YNotCallButton is a unique service that allows you to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world at any time.

In order to use this service you will need to setup a new account. You new account must also have a new username and password.

This service is pure fun. Using MyCallMeButton you can design your own contact button that can be used in a number of different ways. You can also setup a schedule so that the people who click on your button can connect with you wherever you are or be told that you are not taking calls at that time.

Add a button of your own design to emails, or websites, and watch the responses go crazy! The receiver simply pushes the button,... they are then asked to enter their phone number,.. and you will instantly be connected! The buttons come with their own schedule, so you can program the day,time of day and the number to connect the call! How cool is that??

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