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is the cutting edge International Telecommunications Company. We are the only Telco company in the world to package State of the Art VoIP Services that integrate with the Global Cellular Infrastructure. "YNCM" is incorporated in the State of Delaware , USA . and our sister is an International Telco that is debt free and strongly backs us with their 10 year of success and experiences. So we have the great depth and experiences in the International Telecommunications business and as we see it, we have the most advanced products in the world. We are definitely the market leaders with our unique product mix.

We have a tremendous group of some of the world leading talents in marketing that are working in our team of leaders to guide, and build your business. These dynamic leaders along with our Principals behind the Company who are Douglas McCoy Director of Finances, Bridgett Bryant Director of Technology and Jim Myers Director of Marketing make an exceptional team of leadership. Together we have joined forces to bring many years of experience in the Financial, Telecom and Marketing Industries to capitalize on the biggest Global Market in history; Personal Communications.

Our vision is to eliminate the barrier of the impossible by replacing it with the highly probable. People the world over will have unlimited earning capability via limitless communications. The Personal Communications Industry has become a Multi-Trillion dollar a year industry and we look forward to serving all those individuals starting their own Personal Communications Virtual Franchise.

We are offering to you, your friends and business associates, what is considered by many to be the opportunity of a life time. You could be able to take on one of our unique Virtual Franchises that holds in it an International Personal Communication Franchise that could very well change your life and the lives of the people you love.

The future is YOURS, we look forward to enjoying the enormous successes together with you.
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